LiuGO provides the following products to keep your business connected

Connectivity is at the core of every successful IT environment. It is a vital to get the right
combination of services for your business.

Business Grade Internet Service

Leased Lines

Leased Lines – A leased line is a dedicated communication channel that interconnects two or more sites. This is a service contract between a customer and a provider. It acts as a dedicated tunnel from one point to the other where data can continuously flow for a fixed monthly fee or rent, hence the name. Leased lines are used for Internet, data and even telephone services. They are typically run on fibre optic cables to provide large bandwidth and speed.

1Gbps Ethernet

1Gbps Ethernet – Our Ethernet Flex 1Gbps service is perfect for businesses looking to satisfy
occasional bandwidth surges without committing to higher cost solutions. It provides superfast
200Mbps bandwidth as standard with an option to burst to 1Gbps as and when needed at no extra
cost and with no prior requests – it’s just there ready and waiting when you need it, for complete
peace of mind.


Broadband – Broadband is a high-speed internet connection which allows you to enjoy everything
the internet has to offer. Broadband is a regularly chosen type of connectivity for several small
businesses and residential consumers because of its cost-effective price and is a vital service. Our
standard broadband packages are available over FTTC/P, ADSL2+ and ADSL

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