Managed services

Flat rate IT services

Monthly contract. No surprises. Only happy business people.

We take the complex and make it simple. For clients who have their own infrastructure in place: servers, network, even proprietary or unique software driving specialised equipment (think manufacturing) we can help.​

We are business owners with a deep understanding of technology which makes us the perfect match to help you with your business needs.

​What you will not find is a bunch of technical jargon designed to confuse and confound you.

​Take the vacation, we’ve got you.

How we begin

We document all infrastructure hardware, software and the components of your business that drive revenue and profitability.  We get to know your business, which is the only way we can truly recommend technology solutions that move the needle in the direction you want to go.

LiuGO will begin by thoroughly reviewing all existing networks, servers, cloud solutions, PC’s, software, data back-up and disaster recovery systems.

We listen carefully to really understand where your frustrations lie, expectations that have been unmet and business opportunities that have been missed due to IT and technology solutions not aligning with your business objectives.

We take that knowledge and then provide a customised proposal or, if we aren’t the right fit for your company based on your needs, we will tell you and recommend a firm that may be better aligned as a partner.  We look out for your best interests, always.  

We’ll take care of it before you get a tan.

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