About us

Who We Are

LiuGO provides outstanding technology solutions and IT services to businesses all over the UK. We specialise in consultancy, project management, technical solutions, and managed IT services. We are able to assist with one-off projects, applying the latest technology, providing suggestions and resources, or managing your day-to-day technical operations.

We will be more than happy be part of your business by aiming to make it more adaptable, mobile, and robust. LiuGO services are personalised to your current needs, but with an eye to the future improvements.

Wide range of services provided by LiuGO includes:


Consultation in order to understand and provide what you need, both now and in future.

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Project management

Project management in order to help you produce business and technical projects.

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Managed ICT services

Managed ICT services to help you deliver the performance, consistency, and day-to-day tasks you need.

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Custom IT solutions

Custom IT solutions to help your business reduce costs and stay ahead of your rivals.

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Why us

LiuGO will GO for you! But what does that mean?

Our exceptional IT team have several years of experience across the IT area. LiuGO is delighted of the great culture we have created uniting professionalism, a friendly face, and excellent means of communication when working with you.

We believe that the best businesses are developed throughout great collaborations, and that is just so what you will get with having LiuGO on your team.

These are our core values:


We create strong, established, and secure technology infrastructure sized to support your business needs.

We offer resolutions in a private, public, or mixed environment, and guide customers in the direction of the best approach. Eventually, we provide technology which addresses customers’ exceptional challenges and facilitates their success.

We can do that as we understand our customers and their area of business. At LiuGO we begin every client relationship with a roadmap. Our ideas are dedicated on serving our customers, and not on selling new products. It is a partnership built on customers’ trust and loyalty that we are looking out for their interests first.


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