CCTV Installation

Private and Commercial Security CCTV Solutions & Services

Here at LiuGO we offer a full suite of integrated CCTV solutions and services backed by unmatched support for your business needs.
Our commercial security services:
  • Video Surveillance
  • Access Control
  • Intrusion Detection


We’ll deliver your systems & get them up and running.


We’ll build up your systems and train you how to use them.


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Get answers to your questions with free technical support for life.

Video Surveillance

LiuGO has more than 10 years of experience planning, installing, servicing, and monitoring. We’ll
design a system to fit your specific needs, regardless of complexity.

Access Control

We’ll design and configure a system that ensures your people get where they need to be while
preventing unauthorised persons from accessing areas they shouldn’t be.

Intrusion Detection

In the event of unauthorised intervention, be alerted by a custom configured system designed to
protect your people, property, and assets.

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